Advantages To The Lessee

Municipal Lease/Purchase financing is designed to compliment, rather than replace bond financing. As governmental units have become cognizant of the advantages of Municipal Lease/Purchase Agreements over bonds, they have increased their utilization of this unique financing vehicle to satisfy many of their equipment and facility financing needs. The advantages of Municipal Lease/Purchase Agreements are as […]


What Are Municipal Leases?

Municipal Leases are agreements entered into by state, county, city, town, and other local governments to acquire essential equipment by paying for it over time. The payments include both principal and interest. For investors, the most distinctive feature of municipal leases is that the interest received is exempt from federal income taxes. Municipal Leases can take several forms depending on […]


A Brief Course In Public Finance

Purpose: To acquaint the reader with the most commonly used methods of financing utilized by municipal governments and when Leasing is the best option. Public agencies have numerous available options to acquire needed resources – equipment and/or project financing. Of course, paying cash is the most preferable method. This being said, cash may not be the best use […]


Leasing To The Federal Government

OVERVIEW The Federal Government may acquire equipment by purchasing it outright, renting it or through lease financing. Their decision to lease is based on budgetary restrictions and the planned use of the equipment. When they decide to lease, the responsible contracting officer will receive vendor proposals, which upon request by the government, will include finance […]