We Are Energy Savers

MLC’s business model delivers solutions that address our client’s key needs in realizing their borrowing goals for things such as: Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Distributed Generation and Capital Equipment. In addition, our capital raising and consulting and advisory services can make the difference between a successful funding and one that isn’t.

Energy Efficiency – According to the Alliance to Save Energy, Energy Efficiency, is “the quickest, cheapest and cleanest way to extend the world’s energy supplies.” MLC offers solutions for funding Energy Efficiency projects that can reduce your carbon footprint, replacing aging infrastructure and equipment and doing so while reducing utility expenses.

Essential Use Capital Equipment – MLC can assist with the financing of almost any type of essential-use capital equipment that governments and corporations  require to adequately serve their tax-base.  MLC can finance equipment from terms ranging from three to twenty years (depending upon economic useful life) and deal sizes from $20,000.00 and up to $100M