Montgomery Equipment Leasing Company offers a variety of lease and financing options for hospitals, medical centers and businesses both private and group practices, as well as freestanding facilities, medical centers and hospitals. Our leasing programs extend your ability to utilize state of the art technology in providing healthcare services and business growth while improving profitability and preserving existing capital and credit lines. In addition to very low interest costs and uncomplicated financing documents,

Montgomery Equipment Leasing Company offers financial services ranging $5000 to the multi-millions, depending on your needs and line of credit. Our programs also include a variety of options.

Learn about some of the different leasing programs that you can choose from:

  • Lease Lines of Credit

    This comfortable option often allows a significant savings of both time and money. A lease line of credit provides flexibility of acquiring both small and large equipment—at a known rate—when you need it through pre-approved financing.

  • Custom Lease Programs

    Contact us for more information about these specialized, and one-of-a-kind programs.

  • Government & Public Agency Program

    These programs provide a “non-appropriation” of funds cancellation provision with the additional benefit of a tax-exempt rate.

  • National Programs

    With manufacturers and/or distributors that are customized and tailored to increase your sales.

  • Total Project Financing

    This leasing option allows you to bundle equipment, supplies, accessories, installation, construction, delivery and other fees into one low, monthly payment.

  • New Practice Program

    If your private or group practices are in the startup process this option is perfect for you.

  • Pre-Funding

    This option is best issued to manufacturers, vendors and contractors. It allows for assembly, customization or other services to proceed prior to delivery of equipment.

  • Software Only

    Up to 100% of your software financing.

  • Extremely Low Rates

    We beat almost any other leasing companies rates.