Who We Are

Montgomery Equipment Leasing Company (MLC) is a business of financing capital equipment and products since 1979.We specialize in healthcare industries, public sectors, municipality, along with technology and energy system leasing by offering some of the lowest rates and innovative leasing programs available throughout the United States.With 35 years of dedicated practice we can promise to find you the lowest rates and leasing programs available. Call today, a trusted agent is always a phone call away.

What We Do Best

MLC will get you funding no matter what your project is. If you are seeking funds for a nonprofit or for profit business, MLC has a proven record of aiding companies in obtaining all the financing they need. All of your large financing needs can be met. Call MLC today and let us help you implement an innovative financial solution.

Customer Care Promise

MLC wants to offer you comprehensive approaches to your financial needs. In order to do this each client is paired with a customer service agent who can be reached with any questions and concerns. Your trusted agent will work with you on your case throughout the entire process.

Value System

Because we care about you and your financial goal we value communication. Working directly with clients and vendors is an advantage of the playing field and helps build strong relationships. With direct customer service MLC acts as your trusted financial advisor and business partner.